Honed for quite a long time by societies around the globe - body purging is tied in with resting, purifying and supporting the body from the back to front.

By evacuating and disposing of superfluous waste, at that point bolstering your body with much required supplements, purging can help shield you from sickness and recharge your capacity to keep up an ideal state of the body and psyche through a scope of strategies including yoga, reflection, sustenance administrations and some more.

About Latbam Tea

Latbam is a flawlessly sweet mix that joins Hibiscus with the superfruit Açaí Berry, granting brilliant and fruity notes while helping the body battle the impacts of free radicals. Appreciated as a piece of your consistent energy program, this tea is certain to abandon you feeling rejuvenated. These intriguingly complex mixes are deliberately detailed with customarily utilized herbs that can help bolster the body while purifying it.

Supports the proper function of two primary filtering organs

100% Natural herbal tea

No preservatives or artificial ingredients

20 tea bags per pack

Price: € 13.99

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